Going home

...fight leaves 1PM. Can't wait!


I really shouldn't be getting a hair cut when my projects are so close to the due date but it was FREE ($35~$75 value)!! and dammit, I missed bangs!! 8 ~8 They gave me such nice gifts too.


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The result of my latest project makes me so happy. I really don't care if i get a C, I love trying new things and going beyond the border of art.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

It's not as grand as some of the Pros in this field but it's a fair start. Yes/No?

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Loot + WUT?! D8

Of all the days to go shopping it had to be today! ; D; Once again, guilty is the little b!tch that hangs on my conscience...GET OFF YOU!! *slaps guilt*

Anyway, I manage to snatch some GREAT deals on CDs. Such low prices for AWESOEM music!! I'm a little mad that they didn't have Vagiant and that I forgot to check for Jimmy Eat World but the loot was pretty good.


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All of a sudden...

...I miss everyone.

Graduation Day.