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Hey guys, it took awhile but now I have something to rant say~!! x]

My driving test is scheduled on Aug. 13th and I'll finally be able to leave this DUMP of a state behind and move to Florida!! <33

Secondly, I'd like to talk about a certain drama I'm currently watching...

One Litre of Tears (One Diary of Tears) is a 11 episode Japanese drama based on the life and struggles of Aya Kito who was diagnose at the age of 15 with Spinocerebellar ataxia, a progressive, degenerative, genetic disease that cause its victim to lose control of body function as time progress.
Aya Kito

I am near completion but please allow me to express my opinions about the drama (not the real life story).

My initial reaction towards the plot was to say the least: skeptical. I have always disliked stories "based on the truth" because in the end it is actually an excuse to make profit from lies. But then research and friends reveal the origins of this drama. The fact that the family of the victim ask for a drama of their loved ones to promote awareness gave me mixed feelings.

From the start, I knew I would not be able to relate with the lead female role. The point was to feel sorry/sad/pity for her by the end of the drama but I can hardly empty my feelings for someone who is perfect all the time. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, every shot/angle/setting of Aya Ikeuchi (played by Erika Sawajiri) has a bright aura that shines "I'm an angel". And it seems not even rain could give her a bad hair day. 8/


An every thing she does seem to resonant goodness shunned by evils around her. Overall, her character was a Mary Sue and I feel it does not do Aya Kito justice.

On to a more light subject...this drama does content some very, VERY memorable characters. Like Aya's father, you can't tell me you DON'T love that face!
Takanori Jinnai as Mizuo Ikeuchi

And of course, her hardcore sister (based on Aya Kito's real sister).
Riko Narumi as Ako Ikeuchi

And her's some picture spam of Ryo Nishikido (his hair style reminds me of a friend IRL)...

THAT'S ALL FROM ME. Enjoyed my fangirl rage rambles?