Herbal Tea

Today, my dad did some VERY interesting thing with my daily tea...

Usually, I would have Lipton tea with one spoon of sugar and regular milk but that was not the case this Saturday. (BTW, my dad likes to experiment with food and drinks so I was his lab-rat)

First off is Raspberry Tea.
Now, I'm quite familiar with this type, after all it IS my favorite flavor. :9 But what surprised me was the ingredients: REAL BERRIES!! Can you image that?! D8

If you've never tried this tea you can buy the Lipton version for budget reason. It's not the same but IT'S CHEAPER!! 8D

Second is Orange Spice Tea.
What can I say about this flavor except the heath benefits it carries?! I mean, really, this tea is PACKED with vitamin C so you don't get the swine flu and the aroma is delightful~! Once again, my dad used REAL ingredients (Mandarin Orange with Grounded Cinnamon).

Here's the cheap Lipton version.

Lastly, it's Mango Tea.
This was new to me. I seriously can't believe that I haven't tried this til now!! ><;; *hides in shame* And to think the mangos were a week old!! This is like MY NEW FAV!! *drinks*


That's all from me!! 8DD
(All images were found on google because taking pictures of my tea will make my dad question my sanity >AGAIN<.)