[APH] Austria's Memories

The final piece of the HungaryxPrussiaxAustria Series, I hope you'll enjoy this last installment. After this I'm open to other series (any suggestions?) and doujins. <333

[Part 1: Hungary's Memories] [Part 2: HungaryxPrussia]

I was looking all over the mansion for Elizabeta for her piano lessons but when I found her she was fast asleep with her memory book in her arms. She must have been reminiscing of our past because she slept exposed to the cold.

Silly, wife. She really must learn to take care of herself more...=__=; It gives me heart attacks thinking about her being sick. Better cover her with some blankets.

Hmm, that book...it's missing some pages in between...
I wonder if she saved them for me?
As I was walking to the music room for my daily practices, I saw her wiping the floors. She had the most beautiful green eyes, and like emerald gems they glistened with strength. I kept staring at her for a while, wondering how a beauty such as her end up as a servant, for me no less.

I couldn't concentrate during practice, so my melodies were off that day.

After a while, Elizabeta became our guest and not my servant. It thought it'd be nice to take her to a ball one night. She was as excited as a child at a toy shop, it was rather cute. She took my hand and we started dancing to the music, I've never met a girl like her, she's definitely not afraid to be herself. Perhaps that was the gleam I saw in her eyes that day.

Under the starry night, I wished she would be by my side forever.

I keep the ring in my room for about a month before asking her. I was scared, I feared that I would also rush this relationship, and that losing this precious bond would be the end. But mostly I was scared of losing those eyes of her. What if, one day, I would be the one who flicker the flames in those eyes? I couldn't bear it if it were true.

Then, one night, a revelation came to me. If I continue to ponder then one day those eyes would exhaust on its own and I would miss it because I was too preoccupied with my thoughts. I gathered my ring and my courage and met her in the music room the very next morning.

Let's just say, our union was delayed. You're an idiot, Gilbert!!

After the war, Elizabeta was not the same. Her spirit had been broken and her eyes were full of tears. Yet, she kept telling me that it'll be alright and that Silesia will return to me soon. I didn't care about a piece of land.

Everyday she would tell me how sorry she was for failing to defeat Gilbert in battle. It wasn't fair. Why did she get hurt when it was MY war? Why am I so weak?

Perhaps more than anything, I was nervous. I could stay in one place for very long, so I choose to take a walk, it's better than sweating up a storm. And that's where I saw them, Elizabeta sitting beside Gilbert who was sleeping under the tree...

At the alter, I stood uncertain if my bride would come. I can recall the last time I was this nervous and that was the night before our engagement. Would the result be just as happy or would fate take another turn? The music played...

I looked up and and saw a gem, the gem that stole my interest, the gem I fell in love with on the day years ago. I did my best to hold back my tears but a smile escaped me. Fate had blessed me with this wonderful girl, I could not help but be happy. I began my vows:

"Elizabeta, I hope I can grant your wishes from now on because the stars have already granted my wish. Thank you for existing."