Argh!! I can't stop singing (HORRIBLY) to this band!! SOOO GOOD!! <33 I'm soo ordering a CD!!

For those of you who don't know, Juli is a German pop/rock band and this is their 2006 album, Ein neuer Tag. The songs are on my MP3 player. Have a listen? :] (If it's not playing already xDD)


1. "Dieses Leben" (This life) 4:34
2. "Du nimmst mir die Sicht" (You take away my sight) 3:19
3. "Bist du das" (Is that you) 4:23
4. "Zerrissen" (Torn up) 3:23
5. "Ein neuer Tag" (A new day) 2:49
6. "Wer von euch" (Who of you) 4:43
7. "Wir beide" (Both of us) 2:59
8. "Egal wohin" (No matter where) 3:56
9. "Das gute Gefühl" (The good feeling) 3:11
10. "Am besten sein" (To be best) 3:13
11. "Wenn du mich lässt" (If you let me) 3:33
12. "Ein Gruß/Interlude" (A greeting) 14:54