[APH] Prussia x Hungary

*Note: Each drawing is from a certain character. So Nave blue is Prussia (Gilbert) and Evergreen is Hungary (Elizabeta).

Also, Mori drew and wrote half of the materials you're about to read. SO GO TELL HER SHE'S A SEXY HO.

It was not too long ago. I felt it. I FELT IT. There was something there. Right on HER chest. That Hungary she can't fool me, I just know it. She's a Girl. Strangely, my awesome meters felt like it's blowing off the charts. What's this strange feeling in me?


I was looking for new clothes to wear because my old ones didn't fit me anymore, but all I found were dresses. "Better than nothing" I thought.

On the dresser, I found some pretty flowers, so I put then in my hair. For some reason, I thought that was cute~!! ^^*

While I was changing, I heard laughter from outside. It was Gilbert!! What's wrong with him? Hasn't he change with MEN before? I got pissed off, what did I do that was so funny?? >T

So, after I laughed at her while she was changing, She didn't seem happy at all. She magically took out a frying pan out of no where. Seriously, WHERE DOES SHE GET THAT OUT ALL OF A SUDDEN?! It took me at least 10 seconds to realize that I was about to die after she pulled that thing out. Anyways, I knew it was sign... TO RUN. If only I used those 10 seconds to my advan --- OSHI---

(And so began the cat and mouse motif between Gilbert and Elizabeta.)

When I started to get music lessons from Roderich I was so excited that I told Gilbert first. I looked everywhere for him and finally spotted him napping during work, TYPICAL!! >T

However, when I told him the news he looked disappointed and then storm off without saying anything. WHAT IS WITH HIM?? DD< Can't he be happy that I'm getting music lessons?! GOSH, he can be so moody!!

Maybe he needs another nap? ==;;

After the news about Elizabeta's engagement with Austria, I just... I don't know. I couldn't express how I felt. It was a mix of everything. I should be happy, I know I should have. But, for some reason, that was the only emotion I couldn't express to her. I just felt so darn sad after that. But hey... I've always been happy alone all my life. Why now? So, anyways, She came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with her. If it wasn't her who asked me, I would have said no... But, since it was her... GAH, THIS IS STUPID.

After Gilbert stormed off somewhere, I found him pouting on the grasss. The news probably made him moody, so I came over and invited him to came with me in order to cheer him up. Surprisingly he came with me even when I didn't tell him we were going to a bar! That was strange...I wonder why...?

THE PARTY WAS AWESOME!! Everyone was scared of because of us. PANTSY!! They obviously can't hold their liquor like US!! I have to admit, it was fun hanging out with Gilbert again. I could never drink with Roderich, he'd get sick after the first glass! ^^;;

I had to watch the liquor intake though, my wedding was coming soon and I didn't want to look like a mess. @_@;;

We were having such a great time... I only drink this much when I'm with West which sometimes gets boring because all he can talk about is Feliciano! It's great having another person to drink with especially Elizabeta. She started singing out of no where, so I sang along with her. She even threw a shoe at some guy trying to hit on a girl. Man, She sure knows how to make me laugh. She laid her head on the counter and started to laugh. I laid my head down as well and started to laugh with her. She coughed several times and asked me why I looked so sad lately. I just continued to laugh. Then, she gave me a serious look on her face. I told her it was personal problems, but she told me that I'm usually never like this. We both sat up and she looked down. She told me how she hates seeing me like this. Tears started streaming down her face. I had no idea what to do. I panicked and ordered more drinks! She just continued to cry. Then... the next thing I knew, my lips brushed against hers. I didn't know if I was drunk or not. I kept telling myself I was drunk. Gosh, I was drunk. That's final.


Eeek, I can't wait!! In a few minutes, I'll be Roderich's wife!! This is so exciting!! ^^* Ita-chan left for more preparation so all that's left for me to do is pull on some final touches.

As I was getting ready, Gilbert came out of NOWHERE hungover!! That idiot has some nerve to show up to MY wedding like that. To make things worst he passed out on the floor!! DD; Seriously, must he make my life a living hell today??

Urg, he smells like STUPIDITY!! ==;; And his face, what could he be dreaming? Nevermind, I don't want to know, better move him outside under that tree. He looks peaceful. ^///^

After Hungary left, I sat back against the tree... I'm glad she left soon. I wouldn't want her to see me like this... She probably thought I was drunk. It'll take 8 to 10 glasses of beer to get me drunk. I think I only drank one.

Ever since we were kids, temperatures within me would rise. My heart would skip a beat every time I saw her. I thought it was just because of me and my awesome self. It's the first time I didn't think about me. I somehow grew to understand a new feeling. Love... Tears streamed down on my face. That usually never happens to me.

Damn aristocrat... It's all his fault. I'm the stronger one here, but yet, why does he win? Why does he win her attention? Maybe, if she didn't leave so soon, I wouldn't have ended up like this in the first place.

That's strange, why does it hurt THIS so much? I knew it was coming the first day we met, you were and always will be my best friend, but I wonder...

I wonder, if we had shared more laughs and perhaps had more romance then would I have been YOUR bride today? No...it can't be. Because we DID share many laughs and we DID have many romances. After all, You were my first kiss, something that not even Roderich can take away from you. So then, tell me Gilbert why? Where did we go wrong?

Regardless, this is where we are now... What a shame, I would have loved to be your bride. Farewell, my first love.