[APH] Hungary's Memories

I've found an old memory book from when I was a servant at Austria's mansion. It's quite a tale, please allow me to narrate?

My first day as a servant was hard and stressful but then I heard a melody. I thought it was the old master playing but to my surprise it was the YOUNG MASTER.

After that first encounter, I found myself coming back the same time everyday to listen. Secretly, of course!! ^^*

Such graceful music, and yet so sad...

One day, I mixed up my schedule and came too early to hear him play that I bumped into him SOOT-COVER!! ;_; But all he said was:

"You're a bit early to hear me play." Then smiled.
"Oh, you're covered in soot, were you cleaning just now? Here..."

His hands were very gentle. I remember thinking "Don't touch a servant like me, Young Master!!" but the words didn't come out.

From that day forth, my schedule was altered so I could have music lessons with the Young Master. He even brought me a new green dress because he said it matched my eyes! It was so elegant and I knew I was unfit to wear it. >///<

Still, I did my best to please him for the beautiful music he played. Those were the happiest moments of my life! And yet the best were still to come...

I came to the music room expecting another lesson from the Young Master but instead I got something else...a marriage proposal!! I was speechless to see the Young Master kneeing to a servant like me!!

I was happy beyond all happiness. I graciously accepted then he gave me a hug and insisted that I called him Austria and not "the Young Master" from now on.

My wedding was delayed for a while because Austria was at war with Prussia for a dispute over the Austrian Throne. The war took a strain on my Austria so I was asked by Marie Therese to aid him. I gladly accepted.

However, Austria didn't let me go into battle that easily. Saying that it wasn't my battle to fight and that I shouldn't get concern over it. But when I told him that I did it for his sake and for our wedding, he let me go with the three greatest words of encouragement: "I LOVE YOU"

I didn't know what to say so I charged into battle with those words in mind...

The war was over and the fighting ended with Prussia receiving Silesia. "DAMMIT", I thought. "Why couldn't I have been stronger for Roderich? Why did it have to end this way?" I laid there on the battlefield crying my regrets out, for I had been scarred.

I walked back to Austria's Mansion covered in the enemy's blood. I knew he wouldn't want a bride like me anymore and he's right. He deserved someone better and not as stained, I thought about canceling our wedding over and over again but when I saw him, I couldn't speak. Before I knew it, his clean arms were around my blood-stained clothes and his eyes were filled with tears.

On that faithful day, I was a wreck!! Thankfully, Ita-chan was there to claim me down and I got through the worst. I reflected on my adventures with Roderich until this point. Just a few decades ago, I was his servant and in a few minutes I will be his wife!! >///<

Ita-chan walked down the aisle first, she was such a cute flower girl!! Then it was Holy Roman Empire's turn, what a noble ring bearer he made!! And then it was me, the aisle seemed longer to me then it was for them!! Why was that?? @///@ But when I saw Austria's face on the other end, something happened within me and I couldn't wait to get there. In fact ,I kinda trip on the way...Silly me...^^;;

Standing beside him, I felt like I was on top of the world. I began my vows...

"Austria...Do you remember what you've told me on the day I went into battle? I couldn't respond then because I was afraid; of what? I don't know. But now, I stand before you with an answer: Thank you for being my melody, I Love You too."


Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoyed it. All drawing are done on an Oekaki Board, so I apologize if it seemed rush. @__@;;