Came home late today (11PM to be exact). Had to work then go to a play, which blew my mind with AWESOMENESS, then clean up after work. *I'll post the picts of the play, "today" W/E...D;*


Happy news awaited me when I came home in the form of Eurovision~!! Which by the way NORWAY won!! Congrats man~!! Here's a quick doodle to celebrate!!
Sorry for the FAIL violin. PLZ DON'T KILL ME VIOLINISTS!! ;__;

The singer was Alexander Rybak, whose voice and musically talent complements each other so wonderfully. Not to mention his eyebrows reminds me of bottom England.41094887.jpg

I was hoping for Iceland to win too. Yohanna's Is It True? was so beautifully sung. The stage was the bluest stage I've ever saw, AND I LIKE MUCH!!! Hurrhurrhurr Also, her dress looks breathtaking!! I wish I could wear it for prom or graduation. * 0*