Wow, I just got 100+ pageviews within a few hours from one post alone! 8D


I don't know if you're reading this but THANKS!! <33 (I'll make a better picture next time, PROMISE!)

I wonder how many pageviews Himaruya-sensei gets per day? :9a

House Hunting

This is that most brain fucking, body beating, horse dicking thing to ever exist!!!!

I can't wait til it's over!! >8[


I wish I could be a skilled writer. The way authors use language to move you is so magical in its own right. I've never been like that. I can only communicate my stories through images and symbolism (it's really a miracle that I'm actually TYPING this). But lately, I want to try my hands at fanfiction if only to prove that I cannot do it.

I'm terrified.

Anything I sign with my name I do it with pride (be it artwork or comics). And once that completed piece is showcased, I can't help but feel so happy with what I do and hoe it came to be. But this feeling has never existed with my writing.

It's like the reverse golden touch, everything I write dies. HORRIBLY. For so long I wanted that to change, I give my all when commenting and I do my best to explain, with scriptural, my opinions but it all sounds awkward in the end.

I really need help from writer to get me out of this shell. Because there's a delicious prompt that I WANT TO SMOTHER WITH A FIC SO BADLY. > U>;;

[COMIC] Breathless

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Gosh, I has such a thing for Femerica. I wish he was a girl sometimes.