Hey!! Stop it time!!

When did it become MONDAY!! I swear I though today was Saturday!!! D8

Time passes quickly when you're doing NOTHING. ==;; Drat!!

(Sorry, no art today either. "oTL...)

My Collection of Hetalia Oekaki

Prepared to be DAZZLED.
(This is a month's worth of no life. xDD)


This is SRS BNS!!

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All of a sudden...

...I miss everyone.

Graduation Day.




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Herbal Tea

Today, my dad did some VERY interesting thing with my daily tea...

Usually, I would have Lipton tea with one spoon of sugar and regular milk but that was not the case this Saturday. (BTW, my dad likes to experiment with food and drinks so I was his lab-rat)

First off is Raspberry Tea.
Now, I'm quite familiar with this type, after all it IS my favorite flavor. :9 But what surprised me was the ingredients: REAL BERRIES!! Can you image that?! D8

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[needs a title...D;]

Let's see where to start? Oh yeah~~~


Now to laziness~~first up is my current interest in Kuroshitsuji (I know, ABOUT TIME!!).

I have a >vague< idea of the storyline and HIGH respect for the art. But I had reasons for not reading it sooner. I usually wait until the series (manga or anime) have 50 chapters before reading/watching it but my friend convinced me other wise. AND GAD WAS SHE RIGHT!! @__@;;

*regrets not buying the merchandise*

Crap, I have a LOT of things to watch this summer...mostly Transformers series from the early 2000s.

Transformers Energon 3
Transformers Cybertron 2x03
Transformers G1 12

That's it for now, I'll post some art next time~~(maybee XD)

Fishy Templete <33

Like the new template?

I once spent 3 hours doing nothing but stare at my fishy. <33

[APH] Austria's Memories

The final piece of the HungaryxPrussiaxAustria Series, I hope you'll enjoy this last installment. After this I'm open to other series (any suggestions?) and doujins. <333

[Part 1: Hungary's Memories] [Part 2: HungaryxPrussia]

I was looking all over the mansion for Elizabeta for her piano lessons but when I found her she was fast asleep with her memory book in her arms. She must have been reminiscing of our past because she slept exposed to the cold.

Silly, wife. She really must learn to take care of herself more...=__=; It gives me heart attacks thinking about her being sick. Better cover her with some blankets.

Hmm, that book...it's missing some pages in between...
I wonder if she saved them for me?

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Argh!! I can't stop singing (HORRIBLY) to this band!! SOOO GOOD!! <33 I'm soo ordering a CD!!

For those of you who don't know, Juli is a German pop/rock band and this is their 2006 album, Ein neuer Tag. The songs are on my MP3 player. Have a listen? :] (If it's not playing already xDD)


1. "Dieses Leben" (This life) 4:34
2. "Du nimmst mir die Sicht" (You take away my sight) 3:19
3. "Bist du das" (Is that you) 4:23
4. "Zerrissen" (Torn up) 3:23
5. "Ein neuer Tag" (A new day) 2:49
6. "Wer von euch" (Who of you) 4:43
7. "Wir beide" (Both of us) 2:59
8. "Egal wohin" (No matter where) 3:56
9. "Das gute Gefühl" (The good feeling) 3:11
10. "Am besten sein" (To be best) 3:13
11. "Wenn du mich lässt" (If you let me) 3:33
12. "Ein Gruß/Interlude" (A greeting) 14:54

[APH] The History of Beer

Oh hallo! I found my story book too! It vould be vunderbar if I could share it vith you!

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