[APH] Austria's Memories

The final piece of the HungaryxPrussiaxAustria Series, I hope you'll enjoy this last installment. After this I'm open to other series (any suggestions?) and doujins. <333

[Part 1: Hungary's Memories] [Part 2: HungaryxPrussia]

I was looking all over the mansion for Elizabeta for her piano lessons but when I found her she was fast asleep with her memory book in her arms. She must have been reminiscing of our past because she slept exposed to the cold.

Silly, wife. She really must learn to take care of herself more...=__=; It gives me heart attacks thinking about her being sick. Better cover her with some blankets.

Hmm, that book...it's missing some pages in between...
I wonder if she saved them for me?

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[APH] The History of Beer

Oh hallo! I found my story book too! It vould be vunderbar if I could share it vith you!

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[APH] Why Russia hates Prussia

Ever wonder why Russia has a hobby of bothering Prussia? Well me and Mori might know why...

Aha~!! SNOWMAN!! ^___^

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[APH] New Stuff!!

A small MSN-chat RP with Mamo @ Oekaki


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[APH] It's BEER!!!

Artists: Me, Mori, and Jasmin

I make your problems go avay in one sip!

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