Dead blog is REVIVE!!

I'm actually practicing some comic formatting right now. It'll be a while before it's in WIP-condition. In the mean time, here's USUK:


It's not "talent", stop calling it that.

I've always looked downed on this sort of thing. It's one of the main reason I turn my head when I look at Andy Warhol, as brilliant as the man is, because in general I can't stand it when people trace and other people praise their non-existing talent.

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Getting Ready for V-DAY!!

This year, February 14 has 3 special occassion: Valentines Day (obvious), Chinese New Year (yay!), and, of course SUPER BOWL SUNDAY (fux yeah)!

Can't wait for next week when the USUK community on Livejournal has the Sweethearts Week. I have so much ideas!! I might even draw a little comic of my own to celebrate!! CAN'T WAIT!! > u<

Picture 1

As for Chinese New Year celebration...I'M GOING TO SEAWORLD HOs!! It's so nice of my aunt and uncle to let me stay with them in Orlando. What a great way t welcome the Lunar Year! 8 u8

Superbowl Sunday is for guys, sorry! No comment. XP

Some upcoming events

Can't wait to start sketching the draft of the new doujin, I have so many ideas on the look and feel!! So many people are helping me through the process and I'm so grateful, really!! I hope i make everyone proud of me!

In other news, I suck at 3D Design.

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Finished drafting the second part of my comic! Now to link and publish it.

Picture 1

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